Easter Celebration

He is risen indeed! And so it was a full church celebrated on Easter Sunday, complete with an Easter egg hunt as part of the sermon. Church looked wonderful with the flower team excelling themselves as usual. See for yourself here.

MYB2 April 2017

April 2nd Why do we have eggs at Easter?

Fantastic  ‘Me, You and Breakfast 2’ today – it took us all by surprise when the number of children and families doubled. and our usual 8 to 10 children plus parents became 19 children plus parents – and a couple of grandparents and one great grandma. What a joy though! Easter story this month trying to explain why we have chocolate eggs at Easter. No eggs, or chocolate or Easter bunnies in the Bible! But eggs hatch to a new life and that’s what Jesus brought when he rose from the dead – for everyone who wants it. Photos.

Spring Coffee Morning March 29 2017

A late addition to the fundraising events, thank to the generosity of the Smith family, who welcomed us in on March 29th to enjoy the lovely surroundings of Drinkstone House. With an Easter gifts stall, yummy cakes and coffee, ongoing flower arranging demonstrations and an Easter food, drink and flowers raffle, a great morning ensued, raising £590 for the church. Some photos here.

Bishops visit March 2017

Rt Revd Martin Seeley, Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich, and the Rt Revd Dr Mike Harrison, Bishop of Dunwich, walked during Lent, the 70 miles from Dunwich to Bury St Edmunds. Their intention was to to meet communities face to face and discover the challenges they face. They were in Drinkstone from Thursday 9th to the morning of Friday 10th March, when they departed for Bury St. Edmunds. It was a privilege to meet them and celebrate Evening and Morning Prayer with them. Couple of photos.

MYB2 March 2017

March 5th Jonah and the Whale
Jonah and the Whale at Me today. Lots of whale activities, of course – icing whale biscuits, throwing ‘Jonah’ into the fantastic whale Sue made, and then blowing Jonah out again by means of Pippa’s creativity! The serious message was that God sent Jonah to tell the people to start behaving. Jonah didn’t want to do that – he reckoned they were bad people and didn’t deserve God’s love! He ran away from God on a ship; a huge storm arose. Jonah thought it was his fault because he had run away and he told the sailors to throw him overboard as a punishment. But God saved him by sending a whale in which Jonah spent three days before getting back on dry land. (Echoes of Easter story here…) God loves everyone – even the ones we think are beyond the pale.  Jesus died at Easter for ALL those people, and rose again three days later to show life with him is a brand new life – forever. Photos.

MYB2 February 2017

February 5th David and Goliath
Today’s story from the Bible was the very well known story of David and Goliath. Julie really brought it to life with terrific audience participation e.g. David was a shepherd who looked after his sheep (cue loud baa-Ing). But the main point was  that David might have been small, and Goliath ENORMOUS, but as David trusted God to keep him and his sheep safe for wild animals, he also trusted him to keep him safe from Goliath. Loads of photos here.