2018 All Saints on refreshments at a local NGS opening

Bank Holiday May 28th was really, really hot with beautiful sunny weather. A combination of circumstances that saw over 200  visitrs to the lovely gardens of Holm House in our village. Hectic but we got through it though it took three shifts of helpers. And we learned a lot for August!

A few photos here.

2018 Murder Mystery

Saturday 2nd June saw the third part of the WWII trilogy of Murder Mysteries written by our very talented Rector, Ruth Farrell. Drinkstone Village Hall was a a sell out! Only marred by the sudden illlness of a member of the cast who ended up in hospital instead of on the stage. Nothing for it but for Ruth to take to the stage as Major Smyth. And an amazing job she did. The fantastic sum of £616 was raised for All Saints Church. Take a look at the photos here

2018 Easter Sunday service

Easter Sunday 2018 – He is risen! Hallelujah!
One of the congregation said “Lovely service, full church, lots of children, great music. Very uplifting.”
And indeed it was, coupled with a show of Easter Hats (with some very innovative hats!), lots of cake and choccie eggs afterwards, and an indoor Easter egg hunt (churchyard was cold and wet!), it all made a for a wonderful Easter morning. Every hat has something on it that was a symbol of new life (chicks, eggs, bunnies, flowers), which brought us round to the new life that Jesus’ death brought for everyone who wants to have it. And we found out why the wearing of Easter bonnets started, too!
And we haven’t mentioned the wonderful displays of flowers found on every windowsill and every nook and cranny. Amazing stuff from the talented Flower team. Well, just look at these photos!


2018 April 1st Easter Sunday Celebration

Easter Sunday at All Saints Church at 9.30am on 1st April – a wonderful celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. Everyone welcome! If you can, do bring an Easter hat to show – decorated to celebrate Easter. If there are no hats, Revd Ruth will have nothing to talk about!
We will have Easter appropriate refreshments and there will be, weather permitting, an Easter egg hunt in the churchyard afterwards.


2017 Carol Service

The part of the Carol Service most looked forward to is always the children’s involvement. Sheila Beswick was off duty for the first time in 20 years. Thanks are extended to her for all her sterling work in organising the Nativity part for so long – finding children, singers, costumes – and liaising on the script.

So what were we to do without her? Our Me, You and Breakfast 2 children (and their Mums and Dads) turned up trumps. The Carol service this year was all about the journeys made – by Mary and Joseph, by the shepherds and the animals, and the Wise men – plus angels from on high. So there was much ‘journeying’ around the church. We appealed for people to come in costume and take part – or as carol singers to lead the singing. We almost had a massed choir! Certainly enough for four part harmony… And Ellie Sharp was on hand to lead the singing of Away in a Manger, with the first verse solo. Well done, Ellie.

Another innovation was to have the children dress the tree before the service started, and with copious ‘audience’ participation, it all worked well. Finishing with mince pies and mulled wine, of course. And Sheila didn’t get away jobless, she was on hand to hand out costumes and help the children dress up! Some photos here.

2017 Wreath Workshop

Our third biennial workshop in the new Village Hall was just as much a success as the previous ones. It was a very happy sociable occasion, starting with coffee and homemade biscuits, then a demonstration by Christine. A break for lunch with a choice of fish pie or cottage pie, followed by coffee and really yummy mince pies (with an almond crumble top  – thank you so much, Sharon! – was swiftly followed by 20 ladies working hard on their own creations.

Lots of new people on board this time (but it is a joy to have faithful returning attendees!) – and a very healthy Woolpit contingent. Christine Lambert worked so hard to help everyone; she also demonstrated two very different wreaths and promptly gave us both to raffle. She is amazing and we are very grateful. Check out the photos


2017 Christingle

Me, You and Breakfast 2 in December was all about Christingle. Ruth talked us through the meaning of the Christingle, then we all made our own. We wrote prayers on Christingle shapes, carefully lit our Christingles and had a jolly good sing! No breakfast this month but we made up for it with doughnuts (round like the Christingle, with red (jam) in the middle like the blood shed by Jesus), choc chip brioche and loads of different cakes. See how it went! Photos

2017 Christmas Coffee Morning

All Saints 2017 Christmas Coffee Morning took place on Wednesday 29th November at Rookery Farm, courtesy of Janet and Steve, who had moved there in the last couple of years and were in the process of putting their stamp on the old house.
It was a cold day, with lots of sleet just as people were arriving. Our lovely host Steve, popped down the Village Hall car park where people were leaving their cars and ferried people up to the house. What a gentleman! Inside the house, it was warm and cosy, and fully decorated for Christmas by our equally lovely hostess, Janet. What a wonderful start to the festive season! Gifts and goodies, decorations, all manner of cakes, raffles, a quiz, fantastic refreshments all contributed to a very successful morning. Christine Lambert was on hand to demonstrate three amazing displays – one as the first prize in the raffle, one as a gift for our hostess and one more that was auctioned. Christine was delighted to be the winner of the Christmas Cake beautifully made by Maggie Beveridge. To win, you had to correctly guess the number of raisins in the cake and the winning ans
wer was 397. 

The amount raised for All Saints Church will be over £1,000 once the quiz has finished. Fantastic result, with our grateful thanks to everyone who contributed in any way.

Check out the photos.

Me, You and Breakfast 2 – Jesus walks on water

Me, You and Breakfast 2 in November was all about the story of Jesus walking on water. Jesus was able to walk on water (after all, he is a miracle worker!) and invited Peter to join him. All was well until Peter noticed the wind and the waves and took his attention off Jesus. The message was simple – keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and he will keep you safe. Now, what activities could we do to match that? We wrote prayers asking for Jesus’  help to do just that. We made a collage which enabled Jesus to be moved so he ‘walked’ on water, which went down well. Then we did actually try to ‘walk on water’. Well, it was a thick cornflour mixture which moved and felt liquid when you put your hands in it, but when you stamped on it, it went solid and supported you! Great fun, if a bit messy…. It was also Bonfire Night so as a nod to that, we made bonfire cakes.