2017 garden descriptions and photo gallery

Garden descriptions

Garden 1: A garden of mature trees, extensive shrubberies, herbaceous borders, and an ornamental pond with rose arch leading to the house. A natural garden, with wildlife pond and waterfall. The remains of the historic ha-ha can still be seen with views across the open countryside.  An orchard and vegetable garden with a large poly tunnel. Now also open for the NGS.

Garden 2: Large garden with a wide range of plants for all seasons. Walled garden, mixed borders, small alpine garden, paddock with trees (many grown from seed). No vegetables – too many rabbits and deer to feed.  Small ornamental pond and field pond (now bone dry as it has been for the last year – why?) Wheelchair friendly.

Garden 3: A country garden with lots of roses and a few surprises.  The one with the quirky topiary teapot…

Garden 4: A large, mature garden overlooking open countryside. It comprises mainly herbaceous plants, shrubs and roses, and enough trees to attract most forms of wildlife. No parking at the house. Please park on the road/car parking area and walk up the drive. Wheelchair friendly.

Garden 5: Medium sized garden, in need of serious attention and alterations, taken over five years ago. Work still in progress, but expect to see new greenhouse, fruit cage, lots of roses and summer colour.

Garden 6: NEW OPENING Small ‘cottage’ garden started from new 15 years ago. Interesting trees and shrubs. Patio area with tubs and pots. Pergola with clematis and roses; small orchard to the side of the house.

Garden 7: NEW OPENING Garden with a cottage feel with open views across the countryside, with new bush and climbing roses. Raised pond, sunken patio with pots, newly planted white fig from Falldon House, Northumberland, and small plated gravel area for more drought tolerant plants. Small front strip of garden, experimenting with roses for shadier areas.

Garden 8: A small cottage garden, newly established over the last four years. The different levels giving many challenges, includes raised beds, a bank and herbaceous borders as well as two patio areas with planted tubs and pots.

Garden 9: A new garden, now in its third season, with espaliered and fan trained fruit on fencing. Echium, hollyhock, agapanthus, species cannas, dahlias and climbing fuchsia now established. Woodland corner, trilliums and hostas, specimen shrubs.

Garden 10: NEW OPENING An example of a garden design over three years (from spring 2014) at a new development incorporating borders, paths, raised beds and fruit trees. All structures in the garden have been built by us as well as additional paths to mediate slopes. We arrived with many plants from a smaller garden and have added more in response to location.

Garden 11: An informal garden with mature trees and shrubs. Lawn and sunny borders. Also some shady corners. A large pond shared with our neighbours. There are some raised borders and some raised beds for vegetables.

Garden 12: A quarter acre garden half of which is made up of acid soil. Thus, mature Camellias and Rhododendrons thrive. Plus, a very large evergreen Eucryphia tree from Chile holds pride of place. The garden was originally planted over 60 years ago by a real plant enthusiast.  The current owners are not gardeners but, with professional help, they are working to restore the garden to its original layout.  A herb garden and climbers for the pergolas are in progress.  Due to a prior commitment the garden will be closed from 16:30.

Garden 13: NEW OPENING Garden of ‘rooms’ developed over several years to adapt to growing family: south facing terrace with lawn sweeping down to a lake and new herbaceous borders, play area for games. tennis court, Vegetable garden, courtyard with pergola and roses.

Garden 14: A Garden of three distinct areas: a)formal garden with pergola and rill meandering down towards the house; raised herb garden to side of house; b) paddock area with fruit trees: c) vegetable garden concealed behind a beech hedge

Garden 15: Thatched cottage with garden to match, Hopefully, the roses will still be blooming – they started blooming in April! Small pond, a well and a greenhouse. Plus, an  ‘Observation beehive’ and honey from Drinkstone bees will be on sale.

Garden 16: NEW OPENING Informal garden (always a “work-in-progress”), with lawns, borders, fruit pen, and patio area with raised beds. Young fruit trees and meadow area with lovely views over the fields. Includes a pond (no fencing); home to fish and moorhens. Try your hand at some garden games if the weather is fine!

Garden 17: A beautifully-designed garden with six very different areas: lawn with mature fruit trees and Holm Oaks; formal garden with topiary, box hedging and borders with year round interest; woodland walk with hellebores, camellias, rhododendrons and bulbs; flower garden with greenhouse and cutting beds; a large kitchen garden with impressive greenhouse; Mediterranean courtyard with old olive tree. Now also open for the NGS.