2018 All Saints Christmas Coffee Morning

The 2018 Coffee morning took place on a Saturday for the first time in years. It was also at the Old Rectory, a truly beautiful and historic house, remembered by many of the villagers as a great place where children were welcome to many an afternoon of fun in the garden, quite a long time ago.  It was simply the best attended Coffee Morning ever! Was it because it was a Saturday (and children were welcome!), or because of all the fond memories, or was it simply the warmth of the welcome that Nick and Jane Hill have given to everyone since they moved in less than a year ago? We don’t know – but  it was a wonderful morning. A huge success financially, but warm and sociable too. Our Treasurer had to count the money more than once because he couldn’t believe the figure  – £1,418 on the day with after sales and quiz results to come. Take a look at the photos here.