2018 Christingle comes to MYB2

Me, You and Breakfast 2 falls on the first Sunday; the first Sunday in December is traditionally a Christingle service. So, we did a mash-up of both to quote modern music parlance! We sat in pews, like a service, but there was lots of movement around church. Ruth talked us through the meaning of the Christingle, then we all moved to the craft tables to make our own. We came back to sing the Christingle song with a veritable orchestra of percussion instruments. Back to the tables to write prayers on Christingle shapes, thinking about on who or where we would like Jesus’ light to shine. Then we carefully lit our Christingles and had another jolly good sing! Refreshments went down well with doughnuts (round like the Christingle, with red (jam) in the middle like the blood shed by Jesus), choc chip brioche and Christmas cup cakes. See how it went! Photos