2019 Carol Service

The Carol Service is always a memorable occasion, with the ‘Ahhhh’ moments usually being provided by the children’s Nativity tableau – but we did something different this year.

The story was about a dog who wanted to give something special to Jesus. He thought he could join the angels maybe, or the shepherds, or perhaps the kings. But it was clear that none of these were going to be possible – for some rather hilarious reasons. In the end, he decide to just be himself and do what dogs do so well; he curled up at the Baby Jesus’ feet and kept him warm.  And that’s what we need to do – be ourselves and do what we can. As the Carol puts it: ‘Yet what I can I give him, give my heart’.

The children were asked to come dressed as their favourite animal, which lent itself to an excellent photo opportunity, which included two brave adults…

As in other years, we managed to put together a scratch four part choir, accompanied by the very clever Calvin on keyboard, and the amazing Astrid on oboe, which according to the congregation, sounded really rather super.

We had mulled wine and mice pies afterwards, along with flapjacks and assorted  cakes.