Me, You and Breakfast 2 – Jesus walks on water

Me, You and Breakfast 2 in November was all about the story of Jesus walking on water. Jesus was able to walk on water (after all, he is a miracle worker!) and invited Peter to join him. All was well until Peter noticed the wind and the waves and took his attention off Jesus. The message was simple – keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and he will keep you safe. Now, what activities could we do to match that? We wrote prayers asking for Jesus’  help to do just that. We made a collage which enabled Jesus to be moved so he ‘walked’ on water, which went down well. Then we did actually try to ‘walk on water’. Well, it was a thick cornflour mixture which moved and felt liquid when you put your hands in it, but when you stamped on it, it went solid and supported you! Great fun, if a bit messy…. It was also Bonfire Night so as a nod to that, we made bonfire cakes.