Rev’d Ruth’s 60th Birthday!

Rev’d Ruth came to Woolpit and Drinkstone Benefice in 2006. She was made Rector in January 2007. And she celebrated her 50th birthday party in a marquee in the garden of the Dean family in Woolpit. Since then, she has got to know many more people in both villages and is well known to many in Drinkstone through her membership of the Reading Circle, through the monthly Village Lunches, Film Night and Tuesday Club to name but a few. She attends as many of our Village Events as she possibly can; provides support for anyone who requests it and is a much loved and appreciated presence in the community.

It is hard to believe ten years have gone by since that 50th birthday party, but our Village Hall provided the perfect venue for Ruth to host afternoon tea on the occasion of her 60th birthday on Friday 12th May, to which she extended an open invitation to anyone from either village. There were superb cakes and savouries provided by Crossways Farm caterers, wonderful floral decorations provided by All Saints Flower team  and a surprise birthday cake, made by Pat Cilvert, complete with candles to be blown out, accompanied by a hearty rendition of ‘Happy Birthday to you’.

It was a very happy, busy and sociable afternoon, much enjoyed by everyone. Ruth had insisted there should be no presents and suggested that donations be made to the Kagera appeal in lieu of gifts. She admitted to being overwhelmed at the number of cards and good wishes she had received, and the number of people who turned up to help her celebrate. But no less than she deserves – congratulations, Ruth! One or two photos were taken, Look here.