Drinkstone Gardening Club

Monday 16th October

Drinkstone Village Hall from 7.30pm – 9.30pm latest

First meeting of the new season. Do come for ‘Gardeners Question Time’ with Matt Tanton Brown, the manager at the ‘Place for Plants’, who regularly features on Suffolk Radio’s question time. No question is too simple or too difficult; Matt will rise to the challenge.

For full programme, click here.

Gardening Club Committee
Chairperson:  Lyn Hannant  01449 736245/ lyn.hannant@lanecott.keme.co.uk
Treasurer:   Daphne Youngs 01449 737423/ daphneyoungs248@gmail.com
Programme Secretaries: David & Rosemarie Ford 01449 737829/ davidford29@btinternet.com
Draw: Lindi Belfield 01449 737293/ belfieldlindi@gmail.com
Annual Subscription:  £12    Visitors:  £5 per meeting