Management and Trustees

The Village Hall Trustees are responsible for all matters connected with the Village Hall. The Village Hall Committee is responsible for the day to day management of the hall, its activities and fundraising.

The Village Hall Committee for 2018/19 

Sue Foulsham           Elected member and Chair

Robin Sharp                         ..           and Vice Chair

Liz Schmitt                          ..           and Secretary

Merete Bland                       ..           and Treasurer

Brenda Elphick                    ..

Debbie Moss                       ..

Sheila Riches                      ..

Sheila Beswick         Representative member for Clubs and Classes

Sue Cousins            Representative member for the PCC

Lorna Thurlow         Representative member for the Parish Council

Edna Gunnett          Representative member for Bingo and the Village Draw



Contact any of the committee members via this link