2019 Murder Mystery

What an evening! ‘Champagne Moments’ was set in 1953, seven years after the 2018 event. Rev’s Ruth excelled herself with this script, combining lots of fifties references (some laugh out loud moments here) and even more references back to previous Mysteries.

He knack of bringing back ‘murdered’ characters is second to none, all the while  finding a way to refer to missing characters who had booked a holiday at just the wrong time and ingenious ways of bringing in new characters to accommodate new people clamouring to be in the cast.

And this time, Dr Will (already a murderer who got away with it) was the one who was murdered. Deserved it too! How will she bring him back next year? And Mrs Tate Lyle – who shot him inn cold blood? We can’t wait.

Sorry there are so many photos!