Who’s who 2024


Rev’d Ruth Farrell                 01359 242244


David Medcalf                       01449 736688


Tony Schmitt                         01449 737264


Lynne Woodward                    01449 737560

The Parochial Church Council (PCC)

The Council is elected to assist Rev’d Ruth in leading All Saints in pastoral, spiritual and practical ways. The The Council meets six times per year to discuss all kinds  of things, ranging from maintenance of the church building to how to encourage people to share their faith.

David Medcalf                Church Warden

Mark Campbell               Bells Liaison

Astrid Gale                     Safeguarding Officer

Christine Lambert           VH Rep/Liaison

Tony Schmitt                  Treasurer

Jo Stark                         Fundraising liaison

Dave Woodward              Fabric

Lynne Woodward             Secretary