Drinkstone Neighbourhood Plan

Latest news March 2021 – Referendum announced



Our Neighbourhood Plan was approved last February and ready to go forward to a referendum last May. Due to the Covid pandemic, all elections, including our referendum, were postponed by the Government.  In the meantime, the Plan has been given ‘significant weight’ in all planning applications. The Plan cannot come into full legal force until we have held a referendum, when you can vote to support the Plan or not.

These elections and our referendum will now take place on May 6th and all voters will receive a Referendum Poll Card from Mid Suffolk District Council, as well as the other papers relating to the local elections. Drinkstone Village Hall will be the polling station, and postal votes will also be offered as usual.

The question you will be asked on your ballot paper at the referendum is:

Do you want Mid Suffolk Council to use the Drinkstone Neighbourhood Plan to help it decide planning applications in the Neighbourhood Plan Area?

If you want to support the Neighbourhood Plan vote Yes

If you do not support the Neighbourhood Plan vote No

If more than 50% of votes support the Plan, it must be adopted by the District Council. Future planning applications will still be determined in the normal way, but Mid Suffolk DC will have to take account of the policies in the Neighbourhood Plan in making any decision that affects the village.

It’s been more than a year since most of us gave much, if any, thought to the Plan, and, due to Covid restrictions we can’t make printed copies available this time to help refresh your memory.

You will be able to remind yourselves of what is in the Plan by following the link above to the Neighbourhood Plan documents where you will find the plan and all the supporting documents, or go directly to the Referendum version

Your vote counts. Please vote, dont leave it to others.

Richard Edmondson, Chair, Drinkstone Parish Council

Daphne Youngs, Chair, Drinkstone Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

All specified documents which must be available to view as part of the referendum process can be found online at  http://www.midsuffolk.gov.uk/DrinkstoneNP


Previous updates 

Update June 2020

On 8 June 2020 Mid Suffolk District Council’s Cabinet agreed unanimously that, subject to their decision being “called-in” for scrutiny by other District Councillors, the Plan should proceed to referendum. The referendum version of the Plan incorporating the modifications required by the Examiner is therefore published (click Referendum version.) The planning policies in the Plan now carry significant weight when Mid Suffolk District Council are considering planning applications in Drinkstone.

The current Covid-19 situation means that no referendums can be held in England until May 2021 unless the regulations are amended in the mean time.

Update  – May 2020

The Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Plan team are very pleased to report progress on Drinkstone’s Neighbourhood Plan.    The Examiners report had been lodged with MSDC – The Examiners had noted that

  • the plan met requirements and that they agreed with aspirational aspects of the plan. 
  • there were no significant or substantial alterations.  The few minor changes had the effect of strengthening the plan, particularly in respect of heritage. 
  • Rightly produced and kept in sync with BMSDC who commended it on being produced to very high standard. 
  • The plan can now go forward to a referendum (MSDC will bear the cost of this), but this is now unlikely to take place before May 2021.   
  • The plan had effectively been approved by the Examiner and Mid Suffolk DC.  It bears weight and so should be used when considering planning applications and drafting responses. A copy of the plan will be made available on the Parish Council website after 9th June. 
  • The process of developing the Neighbourhood Plan uncovered huge talent and expertise which the Parish Council hopes to continue to draw on in the future.  Thanks go out to all involved in the Neighbourhood Plan sub-group for all their work, and to all those who responded to questionnaires and took part in events at the village hall.”