Welcome to the Drinkstone Parish Council website


Our website contains information about how we conduct our business and what we do. Browse the site using the side menu to find whatever you are looking for.

The Parish Council meetings in 2023/24 are at 8 pm on the following dates in the village hall;  Monday 6th March 2023, Monday May 15th 2023, Monday June 19th 2023, Monday July 3rd 2023, Monday August 7th 2023, Monday October 2nd 2023, Monday December 4th 2023, Monday February 5th 2024, Monday March 4th 2024. 

Council meetings are open to all parishioners and members of the public and we, the councillors, welcome your views and input to our discussions. 

If you need to contact the Parish Council for any reason please email the Parish Clerk drinkstoneclerk@gmail.com