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The exodus from Egypt was re-enacted in Woolpit and Drinkstone in July, as part of the Lavenham Deanery’s celebration of 400 years of the King James Bible.


The preparation for this event involved many hours of making props (and putting them in place), creating the Treasure Hunt and the clues thereof, setting up exhibits, tents and bouncy castles!


St.Mary’s was turned into ‘Egypt’, where a celebration service took place, followed by a craft session, BBQ and dressing up for the great ‘exodus’ and Treasure Hunt on the way to Mount Sinai and the promised land.

The Exodus! From Woolpit (Egypt) to Drinkstone (Mount Sinai and the Promised Land) via the Red Sea and the wilderness…

Mount Sinai and the promised Land. All Saints Drinkstone was the end of the journey. First stop some refreshment! Then some more craft and a chance to look at Mount Sinai, the giving of the Ten Commandments and displays showing how the Israelites would have lived in the desert. And a chance to run off last reserves of energy on the bouncy castle – including some of the organisers!

2011 Carol service

The annual Carol service was held on December 18th with a packed church and wonderful mulled wine and mince pies afterwards. Our children were fantastic as usual!