2014 MYB2

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January 5th
It was lovely to use the hall facilities and though there were fewer children than usual, those that were there had a wonderful time! What gifts do you give to a King, even if he is a baby? What gifts could we give that baby who grew up to be Jesus? We opted for biscuits with a star shaped centre and a gift basket to put them in, with star shape prayers. We completely ran out of time to play pin the tail on the camel—maybe next time…

February 2nd
Our second birthday. Yes, MYB2 has been running for two years. So we simply had to have a birthday celebration. We made our own birthday cakes, and while they were cooking, we tried to work out how each ingredient could represent something that God had given us to help us live good lives. Pin the tail on the camel while the cakes cooled and then it was time to ice them, light the candles and sing ‘Happy Birthday’!

March 2nd
Back in the church this month to hear about David and Goliath. Yes, everyone knows that story – but did we know Goliath was 9 feet tall? And that David was not just a simple shepherd boy – he HAD to be very skilled with his slingshot or all his sheep would have been killed by wild animals! So he knew he had the skills but he also knew God was with him and that’s what made the difference. We made stones from cake, and tried to use a similar sling shot. It was hard! And we made helmets just in case…. And hopefully got some help in how to be brave when we need to be.

April 6th
Two weeks before Easter—and we made an early start on the wonderful Easter story. We heard all about the Last Supper that Jesus shared with his disciples. As part of the story, we, too, shared bread and wine (Ribena!). Then we cooked our own ‘bread’ – potato cakes. We made the traditional Easter garden, with the path to the Cross, and the empty tomb. And crafts included Easter scratch art, and painted eggs.

May 4th
Two weeks AFTER Easter, we were thinking about sad and happy times. Jesus friends thought he had gone for ever and then …. there he was walking along the road beside them. He wasn’t dead – he had returned! This happened as they were walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus, which was probably a very rocky and sandy road. So we made sad and happy masks, made rainbow crosses and made (and enjoyed) rocky road cakes.

June 1st
Ascension Day and Jesus went back to heaven and left the disciples (his special friends) – but only so his special helper could come from heaven and be with ALL Jesus’ friends (that’s you and me) all of the time and in every place. All because of his great love for us. We had fun with a treasure hunt to ‘find’ Jesus and we decorated heart shaped biscuits.  

July 6th
Julie told an action packed story that had some very scared disciples, a sleeping Jesus and about a very scary storm – which Jesus sorted out, of course! We made boats, sailed them, rescued some ducks from the storm – and made some very edible thunderclouds.

August 3rd
A holiday month – and the sun was shining, too. We had breakfast as usual, but then had a treasure hunt in the sunshine, scavenging for all sorts of things that God had created – stones, feathers, flowers etc. Then we made a collage using all our finds, giving thanks for all God’s good things. A first for MYB2 – we got out the instruments and sand ‘He’s got the whole world in his hands’.

September 3rd
‘Me, You and your Pets, too’ – a very different sort of morning. It was sad we didn’t have more live pets, but there was no shortage of much loved stuffed animals who give just as much joy. We sat down with our pets and we heard the story of the Gruffalo. We learned that there is never any need to be scared because we have a heavenly Father who is always looking out for us. Our activity was to make pipe cleaner animals – and boy, did they show some imagination! Well, God has made a huge variety of animals, hasn’t he? We sang and played instruments and finished off with some excellent cakes!

October 5th
It was Harvest time, when all the crops and fruits are gathered in and we think about just how much good stuff we have. This time, Ruth told the story about the man who was so greedy about keeping everything for himself, he forgot about the things that really matter. We made boxes to collect our coins to give on Harvest Sunday for children who have nothing, and also made funny faces on apples. Our artwork (collected leaves and fruits) went onto the most beautiful collage which stayed in church for everyone to see.

November 2nd
It was just after Hallowe’en, which is sort of, well, dark so we thought we would have some fun with light! Ruth asked us about the different uses of lots of lights and then we great fun trying to make them.
There were candle holders to decorate, lanterns to make and cakes to be decorated to look like bonfires. We heard that Jesus was the best light – the ‘Light of the World’.